VIP72 STD 7" Touch Screen

VIP72 STD 7" Touch Screen

7" Standard IP Monitor

- Surface mount Aliminium frame

- Dimensions: 256x147x19mm

- Intercom, smart home and alarm management functionalities from a single device

- 7" capacitive touch screen with high sensitivity and resolution (TFT LCD 1024x600 pixel)

- Runs on Android Operating System

- Developed by in-house R&D team and can be customized

- All devices can be configured / updated via service management software

- Unlimited number of connected intercom devices

- Unlimited number of simultaneous video and voice call channels

- Unlimited number of connected CCTV cameras

- Optional wired / wireless alarm and smart home dedectors

- Control from mobile device

- No need for additional infrastructure elements (i.e. server) to build a network

- Perfect video and voice quality regardless of number of floors

- Network connection with CAT6 wiring

- Video and voice call between rooms

- Connection to security, gatekeeper, site manager and other rooms with a single tap

- No limit in number of additional IP cameras

- Different ring tones for different callers (i.e. security, room)

- Multiple messages sent to all rooms easily

- Screenshot of unanswered calls sent to mobile device

- Smart home enabled with different devices and protocols (KNX, RF, Somfy RTS, relay)

- Device main screen shows the real time analog watch, date, ambient temperature and some icons related with activated features. An EMERGENCY ICON on the main screen is used to call some numbers in case of emergency.

- The intercom network works like a telephone exchange and each room can call each other

- Guard(s), doorkeeper(s), management, door panels are reached by a single touch.

- "Don’t Disturb", "Follow-me", "Call forward if I`m busy" features are available.

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